@ International Double Reed Society
@ International Horn Society
@ Flute World

Fun Stuff
Music Games
@ Wart Games - Music Games Library

@ Classical Music Midis and live listening of classical music. $25.00 subscription to be a member and download the zipped collections of composers works.

@ Classical Radio: Download streaming live software and be able to listen to classical music while you surf!

Music Reference
@ American Musicological Society
@ American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers:
@ MuSICA: the Music and Science Information Computer Archive

Music Stores
@ Tap Music Sales (Classical / Jazz music / instrumental music with videos, recordings and sheet music to order)
@ Sheet Music Online (low graphics, easy/quick loading, has three sections: sheet music suggestions for all instrumentation, piano music and supplies, and an educational download section with lessons and worksheets)

Local Links
South Florida American Legion Band

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